Warm Camp

At Tepliy Stan landscape reserve, Moscow, for the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorkine 

October 2020, Moscow, Russia

Photo: Sveta Eitik


The documentation of the Warm Camp project took place at the Teply Stan landscape reserve (Moscow). The burial mounds of the Slavic tribe Vyatichi, who lived in the area in the XI-XIV centuries, are located there. Structures appear as low earthen mounds, often forming assemblies. Along with bodies, jewelry was also buried into mounds - ceramics, rings and bracelets, beads and so on.

At present, the reserve is a developed territory that builds a new type of object-historical relations. Asphalt paths and benches, an equipped sports ground and a cafe are adjacent to the ancient burial mounds. I inscribed artifacts that combine pagan visual forms with the attributes of the profane, characteristic of the culture of our days into these relations. The objects were scattered across different areas of the reserve and looked like some kind of a random archaeological find. Through artifacts, I tried to create an image of this type of person who could be characterized as a representative of the "new archaic".