Photo documentation of happening

Perm, Russia, 2020

Photo: Alexey Sukhanov

«Одигитрий» (Указующий путь) small.jpg

Science that loses itself in the swamp of the knowledge economy, where knowledge is produced on the basis of the production of a commodity, turns knowledge itself into dust, as well as ignorance. When science is not able to respond in a timely manner and solve problems associated with the action of such nonhuman subjects as new viruses, people turn to religious and magical practices. Where scientific knowledge is powerless, the mystical begins to flicker. So, Patriarch Kirill rode on the motorcade with the Eleusa icon, he draw a protective magic circle around Moscow. Perhaps he did this with a reference to the legend: on December 8, 1941, a priest with a Tikhvin icon flew around Moscow on a plane and thereby stopped the German offensive on the capital.

Photographer Alexey Sukhanov @alexsuhanov and artist Slava Nesterov conducted a ritual move through Parma (forest), making an attempt to initiate a path to horizontal relations with non-human objects (subjects) and "appease" the unknown. Happining took place in June 2020 in a forest in the Urals in the Perm region, Russia, where nature is an actor of the mystical and where shamanic cults were strong.